Weather & Sunscreen: Travel Guide, Advice, & Warning for Lagos, Nigeria


Sunscreen is very important for Nigeria travel if you are not used to the Nigeria heat.  The average temperature in Nigeria is 26 C (80 F). The hottest months are February and March (33 C / 91 F) and the coolest month is August (21 C / 70 F). There is 1885 hours of sunlight a year, an average of 5.2 hours of sunlight a day, and a range of 3 hours of sunlight daily in July to 6.7 hours in February. Nigeria is a HOT country and you will get darker in complexion or skin color no matter how dark you are, so sunscreen is needed. Except you are interested in tanning or you are used to the extreme daily heat, in order to prevent skin cancer or sun burns, we recommend that you go to Lagos, Nigeria with some sunscreen. After all, you skin covers you.  The children traveling to Lagos, Nigeria for the very first time may need sunscreen.

Many friends of Nigerians use Banana Boat, Coppertone, and Neutrogena sunscreens. If you represent a sunscreen company or provide sunscreen services to Nigeria, please email us at so that we can better promote your products and services to the millions of people that visit Nigeria annually. You may simply list your company info, website, and phone below for just $100 a month. .