Electricity & Step-Down Adaptor: Travel Guide, Advice, & Warning for Lagos, Nigeria


Nigeria power uses a electric voltage of 220-240Volts. So most of your appliances from places like the United States, with just 110 Volts, would be damaged if you do not utilize a step down adaptor or a foreign travel voltage adaptor / converter. You will need the adaptor especially when you want to charge your electronic appliances in Lagos, Nigeria.  You can get your Nigeria power - step down adapter from RadioShack.  The preferred brands are made by GE and Enercell. It is advisable to get your Nigeria power - step down adapter before traveling because you may need it to charge your phone as soon as you land.  You may not need a Nigeria power - step down adapter if your appliances are products of Europe or Asia and are in the 220-240 Volt range.  So check the back of your appliance to see if Nigeria power - step down adapter is needed.

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