Souvenir: Travel Guide, Advice, & Warning for Lagos, Nigeria


Millions of Nigerians love to get souvenirs from abroad. It is usually a status thing in Nigeria to have a foreign made item. It is usually more appreciated to be given a souvenir from abroad that caters to the Nigerian image or culture. It makes them feel appreciated and valuable that things from abroad identifies with their social life and culture. A good business or social gesture to your partners or host in Lagos, Nigeria is to always give a souvenir or a gift along with whatever agreements or deals that is been made.

Many Nigerians like caps, key-chains, mugs, clocks, cups, T-shirts, and bags as souvenirs. If you represent a souvenir company or provide souvenir services for Nigerians, please email us at so that we can better promote your products and services to the millions of people that visit Nigeria annually. You may simply list your company info, website, and phone below for just $100 a month. .