Mobile Devices: Travel Guide, Advice, & Warning for Lagos, Nigeria


The International Dial Code or Country Code for Nigeria is 234.  Millions of Nigerians are now addicted to mobile devices / cell phones and the internet for educational, information, business, and purchasing activities. In Nigeria, mobile devices are basically a necessity because of the inadequate road systems and the lack of "respect for time" culture of the people. Nigerians tend not to take time seriously and are usually late for traffic reasons. In order to reduce your levels of frustrations if you are a time conscious and punctual person, you will find out that your mobile device will be a savior in tracking down your party and actualizing an appointment. Mobile devices are also a status thing in Lagos, Nigeria, especially for business and social life. You may bring your mobile device, but you have to use the Nigerian SIM cards - MTN or Glo. MTN and Glo also provide internet services in Nigeria for your laptop. You can buy their services from a day, a month, or the year depending in how long you choose to stay.

Many Nigerians prefer to use Blackberry (declining in use), iPhones, and Samsung Phones. If you represent a mobile device company or provide phone and internet services to Nigeria, please email us at so that we can better promote your products and services to the millions of people that visit Nigeria annually. You may simply list your company info, website, and phone below for just $100 a month. .