Bank: Travel Guide, Advice, & Warning for Lagos, Nigeria


Millions of travelers rely on bank in Nigeria to protect and save their money while they are vacationing or staying in Lagos, Nigeria. The savings interest rates of bank in Nigeria are usually higher (12%) than the banks in the USA and it will be wise to open an account in a bank in Nigeria. It will also be advisable to leave the account in a bank in Nigeria opened if you are going to be a regular visitor to the country. Bank in Nigeria have exceptional online services, on-time e-mail customer service to anywhere in the world, and encourage activity in the account every 6 months. In order to maintain an active bank in Nigeria account, you may want to transfer money into the account or have a business where relatives or customers deposit money into the account within or every 6 months.

Many prefer to bank in Nigeria at Access, Zenith, Ecobank, First Bank, United Bank of Africa, Central Bank, Wema, and Stanbic etc. If you represent a banking company or provide banking services to Nigeria, please email us at so that we can better promote your products and services to a nation of 150 million people. You may simply list your company info, website, and phone below for just $100 a month.